Faerie Magic

Why Faery Magic?

Extract from our 2022 Moon Diary

There's a deep-rooted need in all of us to connect with the natural world. Simple things like fresh air, the wind through our hair or raindrops on our face.

If you crave the earthy scent of a forest or have a strong sense of harmony with a gentle breeze and a rustle of leaves, then expand your horizons and open your mind to the possibilities of working with the fae.

You'll need to attract them...

Shiny little objects are the key.

It really doesn't matter if you live in a high-rise apartment or a cottage in the countryside. Creating a welcoming space for them to visit and then hopefully to linger is essential.

If you have a garden, try to find a spot that is normally blessed with the light of the full Moon, but fret not if you can't. Create a small space and let your imagination run wild to turn it into a fairy garden!. Be sure to include things like charms from a bracelet, small pieces of jewellery and of course a few crystals. 

You can do exactly the same if you don't have a garden by creating your fairy garden in (for example), an indoor plant pot, but an empty (of course) fishbowl would also be good, a few shiny stones, a little moss - We can already picture it!

If you are planning on actually planting a fairy garden, then be sure to include Rosemary, Thyme, Foxglove and Roses.

Our beautiful 'black from his whiskers to his tail' familiar, Obsidian, has reminded us that the Fae are very fond of the gentle tones of a wind chime, for which we thank him. However, the answer to his request to write a chapter on himself in the next volume of the Witches Companion is still no.

Moving swiftly on...

Working with the Fae can be very rewarding. However, you need to be specific with them as to what you want. Be prepared to offer them the same respect you would in any of your rituals or spells.

The powers of the Fae are especially useful for certain spells and rituals, we've listed a few, but there's more, and easily found with a little fun research.

If the Fae take a liking to you, they can be a powerful influence in helping you to connect with and develop your natural powers and possibly discover some you are not yet even aware of.  

The Fae are very orderly (in a chaotic sort of way), which sounds like a total contradiction (which they are).  However, they are not happy when natures' order is out of sync.  

If you need to restore order and balance to a situation (or your life), they can be a significant source in helping you achieve it.

Protection is very much a Fae thing. Befriend them and they can both warn you about, and also protect you and yours from extreme weather conditions.  More importantly, whilst a walk through a park or a forest is always an uplifting experience, knowing you have the protection of the Fae will make it much more rewarding.

Helping you find your 'happy place' is a gift of the Fae, just be careful as whatever makes you happy, may make the Fae happy too, but it could be at your expense.