The Flickering Cauldron History

Firstly, let's get acquainted. I am Willow, the most glamorous of the feline familiars here at Flickering HQ. It occurred to me it's high time I let you in on what's what and what's not round here, and thought I'd start with a bit of background on the two legged ones who foolishly think they are in charge! 

Where to start...

Digital Magazine verses Printed Magazine

It was requested and commented on many times when we published our magazine, for it to be printed in paper form. 

We have also been asked for a downloadable copy, for which we do not offer.

So we thought we would do a short blog for you to explain why it was not available as a printed edition and why it was view only.

The Magic of a Storm

Since time began, we have been aware that the weather affects our very existence. Our understanding of the seasons was a major leap.

However, we simply cannot imagine what our ancestors would have thought about a thunder and lightning storm, or a powerful windstorm or maybe a hale storm followed by a rainbow, all of which would have been bewildering to them.

Faerie Magic

Why Faery Magic?

There is deep-rooted need in all of us to connect with the natural world.  Simple things like fresh air, the wind through our hair or raindrops on our face.

If you crave the earthy scent of a forest or have a strong sense of harmony with a gentle breeze and a rustle of leaves, then expand your horizons and open your mind to the possibilities of working with the fae.


Magical Owls

A creature of the night - to be feared or revered? 

A wise sage or a bad omen?