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A Witches Companion ( Volume 1 )

Author: The Flickering Cauldron
Front Cover
By: The Flickering Team

Welcome to A Witches Companion ( Volume 1 ).

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The Flickering Cauldron are excited to bring to you our first volume of 'A Witches Companion' ram packed with information and guides. Our A5 362 page Companion is spiral bound for ease of opening and not just a book of stuff, it is also a guide, instruction book and journal, all rolled into one. With each chapter and section you will find places to write your own notes, plus worksheets and charts to do your own thing. So what is the Witches Companion all about?

For Volume I, we have started with all the basics of as many subjects as they could muster in one book. Each chapter has detailed information on all its designated subjects, telling you not just what it is or about, but also gives you detailed information on how to use or perform said subject, with plenty of worksheets and notes pages to accompany each chapter or subject. So, what subjects will I expect to find inside, you ask?

Where better to start than the History of Witchcraft, in Chapter 1, which starts off their Magic & Witches chapter. Thereafter follows eight more chapters brimming to the edges with wonderful information.

We hope you enjoy this book as much as we did creating it for you!

A brief look inside:

Chapter One - Magic & Witches & the Alphabet Witchcraft & history, Types of witches, Witches familiars and the Theban Alphabet

Chapter Two - Magical Workplace & Tools Witches altar and tools, Cleansing, Consecrating your tools, Warding and Grounding

Chapter Three - Magic Moon & The Planets Magic by the Moon, When to avoid magic and Planetary day & hours

Chapter Four - Herbs & Magic History of Herbs, Herb correspondences & Magical herbs

Chapter Five - Incense & Resins Incense & resins, Incense recipes, Incense smoke and Egyptian Kyphi recipe

Chapter Six - Magical Oils, Potions & Powders Base & essential oil charts, Magical oils, potions & powders with recipes

Chapter Seven - Candles & Gemstone Cleansing & Charging your gems, Candle magic, How to make Beeswax candles

Chapter Eight - Symbols, Sigils & Spells Magic Symbols, Sigils, What's a spell? & Spellcasting

Chapter Nine - Scrying & Numerology Scrying with a Crystal ball, Black mirror scrying, Numerology and Palmistry

We hope you enjoy this book as much as we did creating it for you!

The Flickering Team

Chapter 1
The Flickering Team

Here is just a snippet of what you will find inside A Witches Companion ( Volume 1 )

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